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Migration of managed Bosch IoT Things instances to Ditto as device management backend

Devices of all projects that use a Bosch IoT Things instance managed by Bosch IoT Insights will be migrated to Ditto.
This is necessary because the Bosch IoT Things service on Azure will be discontinued at the end of the year.

On project creation, Bosch IoT Insights automatically subscribes a Bosch IoT Things instance on Azure, which is used for device management features.
Projects that configured their own Bosch IoT Things instance (e.g. instances booked as Bosch IoT Device Management package) are not affected by the migration.

The migration of all existing plans is planned before Christmas.
A maintenance window of 1 hour will be required for the migration. During this time, the usage of “Devices” will be interrupted for affected subscriptions.

After the migration, direct access from processing pipelines to Bosch IoT Things API on Azure (*) will no longer be possible.
Device access via the Bosch IoT Insights API (<my-project>/2/*) will be available as usual.

The concrete maintenance window will be announced soon.

Device management features for new Bosch IoT Insights project bookings are available as usual after the migration and will be continued in full in Ditto.