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Bosch IoT Things: New _created field & end-to-end acknowledgements on live messages

  • New top-level _created field for new things and policies
    In order to look up the time when a thing and its policy has been created, we have introduced a new field named _created. This field is set at provisioning time, and cannot be changed with PUT requests.
    However, the creation time is indexed for search requests, and can be also used whenever you define a filter, e.g. get things, event filtering, etc.
    List all things which have been created after August 31, 2020. The result should contain the thing IDs and the timestamps of their creation.
    A migration for old things (which are missing this field) is not implemented, thus only new things and their policies will benefit from this new field.
  • End-to-end acknowledgement handling for the live channel
    Support for acknowledgements and acknowledgement requests are added to the live channel. All live commands and live messages may request acknowledgements. Find details under Acknowledegments.
    Note: The live-response acknowledgement is requested for live commands and live messages by default. If you wish to send them in a fire-and-forget manner via Bosch IoT Hub, please set the header response-required to false or disable acknowledgements for the connection source. Otherwise, the connection will keep requesting redelivery from Bosch IoT Hub.
  • Eclipse Ditto 1.2.0
    Our open source project will officially release version 1.2.0 on Aug 31, 2020.
    Find out what’s new at

In addition, various minor bugs have also been fixed.