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New Bosch.IO ordering and billing system and new administration UI features

The new Bosch.IO ordering and billing system and the release of the user interface come with various changes and we proudly announce the end of the beta phase for the administration UI features.

New Bosch.IO ordering and billing system

  • Bosch IoT Insights, Bosch IoT Rollouts, and Bosch IoT Remote Manager Trial can be booked with a new Bosch.IO ordering and billing system.
  • It is based on DCS (Digital Commerce System), WorkOn, and SAP BRIM.
  • It substitutes the BIC service catalog, the Bosch IoT Marketplace, and the AWS Marketplace.
  • Ordering and billing is done with internal systems and marketplace fees can be avoided.
  • Cost transparency has been improved due to the availability of detailed SAP BRIM bills and a usage and cost report for paid subscriptions.
  • In the future, external customers will no longer be able to order paid plans of Bosch IoT Rollouts and Bosch IoT Insights directly by Bosch.IO.
  • Nevertheless, external customers still can evaluate trial subscriptions. If they decide to purchase they will be handed over to our reselling partners like BGSW or SDS.

New administration UI features

  • If you sign in via, now the Bosch IoT Suite UI is opened which substitutes for the formerly separate Portal UI.
  • Now, ordering, subscription management, and development are integrated in one UI.
  • There are new UI features allowing you to manage your account, the organization, its members, the subscriptions and work with the subscriptions: Account, Organization, Subscriptions and OAuth2 clients.

  • Bosch IoT Suite supports a single-sign-on (SSO) for Bosch employees with their Bosch accounts.
  • New administration roles are introduced to support purchasing and reselling scenarios: Purchaser and Account Manager.
  • Bosch employees can configure the cost center on the organization and then order paid subscriptions.
  • You get full cost transparency for a paid subscription for which you can view and download a usage and cost report in the UI.

Account Management API in Beta

The Account Management API is now feature complete, but remains Beta. This REST API can be used to automate processes related to the management of accounts, organizations, subscriptions, and OAuth2 clients.

Bosch IoT Rollouts UI features in Beta – feedback welcome

The Beta phase for the new (standalone) Bosch IoT Rollouts UI starts. You are invited to try out new Bosch IoT Rollouts UI features which have already been developed or will be added soon. Select a Bosch IoT  Rollouts subscription and then search for “Beta” in “Services and features”, then you will find the new UI features. Try the new UI features and provide us your feedback by using the “Beta feedback” icon (envelope) in the header.

Content assist for Groovy code editor

You are additionally supported in writing Groovy code: at input fields requiring groovy code, you can directly access information about the Groovy API and available editor keyboard shortcuts.

At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.