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New IoT data management service added to the Bosch IoT Suite

The Bosch IoT Suite has been enhanced with a new cloud service: Bosch IoT Insights. It caters to all needs of developers of IoT data management solutions. Bosch IoT Insights enables customers to process their IoT data from any device whatsoever. The service receives data via an FTP or HTTP interface and stores it initially in a raw format. Alternatively, data can be ingested via the Bosch IoT Remote Manager. After the data has been stored, the service then decodes, normalizes, enriches, and cleanses it. And after that, it analyzes the data with NoSQL/MongoDB and visualizes it using standard and user-defined dashboards. Bosch IoT Insights also provides interfaces to common third-party data-analytics tools such as Matlab, Excel, and Tableau.

By leveraging this data, customers are able to optimize devices and their functionality as well as develop new services and solutions. Bosch IoT Insights builds on five years of experience with IoT data management projects and is already being used in 25 customer projects worldwide.