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Bosch IoT Insights: New service update available

General information:

Among others, the following features and improvements have been made:

  • Conditional Action activity log retention time
    You can configure the retention time interactively via UI and API.
    Please see the online documentation for further details.
    See also the screenshot below:
  • Manual data path input for the illustration widget
    It is not possible to manually define the data path using the illustration widget.
    See also screenshot below:
  • Splitting of Query History
    To increase latency performance the query history access log has been split to project space individual logs to increase the performance and reduce sporadic locks.

In addition, various minor bugs and improvements have been fixed/implemented:

  • INS-38
    Mongodb query service returns $date in array
  • INS-106
    Replace all “v1” examples in the documentation with “v2”