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Bosch IoT Insights: Project-wide announcement banner and more improvements

Project-wide announcement banner (Notification Banner)

As you know, Bosch IoT Insights has the option to include external data sources and many more.

As we are part of a system only seen as a single application, outages in this regard are perceived as an outage of Bosch IoT Insights even if the connected system is not available. In such situations, a project administrator is now able to inform the users of their projects by adding a notification banner, as shown on the screenshots below.



Whitelabeling: Menu restructuring

As part of efforts to increase the customization possibilities (e.g. custom domain and individual login page), we now offer a dedicated menu entry called White labeling in the Admin section. The following contents were moved from Admin > Project to White labeling:

  1. Basic Information (from former site General Settings)
  2. Footer Settings
  3. Email Templates
  4. Color Settings (former Style Settings)

The font setting was moved from Style Settings to Basic Settings. The other content of the former site General Settings was split into Performance Settings and Notification Banner.


Hide edit options for widgets if there are no options available

The widget context menu on GRID-Layout Views will now react smarter. If the current user does not have any edit rights, the option will not show up for them. Also, if no selectable options are available within the context menu, it will be hidden completely.

Action Button: Disable on specific condition

In the Action Button widget, the element Disable on specific condition has been reworked and supports multiple disable conditions now. You can choose and pick different operators and data types to compare your data.

Use tab navigation in Tab widget to support many tabs

The Tab widget was updated to support scrolling when the items take more space than the available one.


REST Requests: User can access our APIs directly

In the Action Button widget, there is now a new authentication type called “Current User Session” for Rest Requests. It will only work for Insights API Request URLs that belong to the current project.

Further Improvements

  • Time series data processing – MDF should be supported out of the box
  • Table Widget – Conditional formatting for relative time format with relative values
  • Use thumbnails inside of widgets instead of full-size device images
  • Calendar Widget – Fetch images in the background
  • Calendar Widget – Default device filter is limited to 50 devices, not 200

Bug Fixes

  • INS-5792: No option to remove custom condition in query template
  • INS-5560: Time series data processing – support processing arrays in input data
  • INS-5868: Filter-Widget-Edit – Broken device filter for general device filter
  • INS-5838: Action Button shows the wrong rest request authorization type
  • INS-5883: URL Filter parameters not stored when saving in widget editor mode / removed after save
  • INS-5890: Table Widget – Pop up window is not shown completely
  • INS-5940: “Hidden” Tab should not be visible in Tab Widget Menu