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Release 9.0 of Bosch IoT Gateway Software available now

Version 9.0 of the Bosch IoT Gateway Software has been officially released. The new release comes with support for the OSGi R6 specification, device access and automation APIs, as well as support for new protocols.

As of release 9.0, the former ProSyst mBS and mBS Smart Home products have been rebranded and merged into one single product. The product name has now changed to Bosch IoT Gateway Software. Versions 8.0 and 7.x of ProSyst mBS and mBS Smart Home reached end of life on March 1, 2018; these versions are no longer supported.

The Bosch IoT Gateway Software is part of the Bosch IoT Suite and supports the realization of gateway-based IoT scenarios in all business domains. It allows service providers all around the world to connect nearly any asset, device, or thing – from any vendor or vintage.

The new features that have been added with Release 9.0 include:

  • Support for the OSGi R6 specification.
  • New device access API supported in the ZigBee, Z-Wave, Cameras, DECT ULE, and KNX modules.
  • A new automation engine based on Eclipse Smart Home and offered through the automation API.
  • Support for new protocols, including EEBus, Modbus, and Home Connect.
  • Introduction of a scripting module that provides support for JavaScript.
  • JSON-RPC and REST remote events can be implemented on top of the new web sockets.
  • A new REST container based on Jersey is available.
  • New REST APIs for functional items, groups, devices, and automation.
  • Various improvements and fixes for all modules and functionalities.

Please refer to the release notes for a more detailed description of all new features, changes, and improvements.