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Release 9.3 of Bosch IoT Gateway Software available now

Version 9.3 of the Bosch IoT Gateway Software is now integrated with the Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication package. It also comes with enhanced features and improvements like:

  • HTTP 2.0 over Jetty
  • Mechanism for filtering Bluetooth LE devices found during discovery
  • Removed JNI from the Bluetooth LE driver and optimized performance
  • Added support for Qubino Z-Wave devices
  • Added support for EZSP 6.5.3 and EZSP 6.6.0 in Zigbee EZSP driver
  • Updated ready-to-use image descriptors – IoT Gateway Images now features Bluetooth LE and ONVIF capabilities
  • ONVIF improvements – backup and restore capabilities
  • Automation improvements – data validation, builders
  • History improvements – variable functions, time functions
  • Home Connect improvements – added support for pause and resume commands
  • Applied OSGi versioning annotations to Bosch IoT Gateway Software APIs
  • More consistency for life-cycle operations with unsigned OSGi bundles in Certificate Manager

You can learn more about all new features and enhancements in our Release Notes.

Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication featuring Bosch IoT Gateway Software

Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication package now features Bosch IoT Gateway Software for gateway-based telemetry and command & control scenarios. You can download pre-configured Bosch IoT Gateway Software runtime images for evaluation right from your subscription and easily connect your gateway to the Bosch IoT Suite! All edge devices connected via the gateway are automatically connected and represented as things with features in Bosch IoT Things service!

Explore service plans for the Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication package and try it out!