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Bosch IoT Things: Service update adds custom OpenID Connect client support

The new service release of Bosch IoT Things comes with various improvements.

  • The Policy resource now supports setting a fine-grained path to grant or revoke permissions. It thus allows you to create a fine-grained policy which controls your Things subscription.
    See which resources can be controlled.
    Find an example of such a policy of a solution.
  • The Things service additionally supports authorization via a project specific OAuth2 authorization server.
    See the Bosch IoT Things documentation for more details.
  • As already announced in previous service update notes, your thing and its policy need to be created in a namespace registered for your service instance.
    Henceforth, this requirement is enforced by our APIs, thus you will get an error message when trying to create things or policies with a namespace which has not been registered for your service instance.
  • Canceled support for deprecated prefixes in a policy. Find details in the Bosch IoT Things documentation.
  • New entries in our list of restrictions
    • JSON Integers
      The range of integer values allowed is from -9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807.
      This is the limit of a 64-bit signed integer, also known as long integer.
    • Number of OAuth scopes in a JWT
      20 – i.e. if your custom OpenID Connect provider issues a JWT with more then 20 scopes, we will only accept the first 20.

Various minor bugs have also been fixed.