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Bosch IoT Insights: update on the Access Control Extension

Access Control Extension preparation

We are continuing our effort in preparing the Access Control Extension feature for Bosch IoT Insights. In this sprint, we prepared parts of the existing user management (INS-1010) and now allow for lowercase roles (INS-1301). All this preparation is not visible to customers and will be deployed all at once at some point in the future.

Quality topics

To ensure the high-quality standards of Bosch IoT Insights, we cleaned out our codebase of outdated custom views. This should not have an impact on existing projects. Please contact our support team if you cannot access a specific view.

The project migration from custom processors towards the processing pipeline also continues; again a big customer project has been migrated successfully. In the same time frame, two projects with custom processors got booked.


  • INS-1259: UI Action Button Widget did not encode some characters correctly
  • INS-1157: Wrong error message was displayed by data upload fail due to reached project quota
  • INS-1187: Device – Backdating UI Link event was not backdated by “create linked device”
  • INS-1189: Label was missing while using “create linked device” with backdating
  • INS-1235: Masterdata history: duplicate snapshot entries in device history
  • INS-1294: Http-Push: Authorization was not working properly on one endpoint
  • INS-1144: Project invitation mail was using the outdated projectlabel of projectconfig