• Service Updates
  • Agent Credentials for Bosch IoT Permissions
    With the latest release it is possible to create, delete, and use Agent Credentials. Agent Credentials are the new concept for Service API 2 which is the successor for API Keys from Service API 1.
  • Prototype of AMQP 1.0 and Things integration
    For the Bosch Connected Experience hackathon - BCX 2017 - the Things service is successfully consuming messages from an Eclipse Hono server.
  • Videos
  • Anomaly Detection Webcast
    Join Dr Irene Cramer, Chief Product Owner for Bosch IoT Analytics, in her webcast about Anomaly Detection with event data.
  • Software update in IoT
    Allow Kai Zimmermann, Chief Product Owner for Bosch IoT Rollouts and Project Lead for Eclipse hawkBit, to talk about a cloud-ready IoT software update system.