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On-demand webinar

Expert panel: Over-the-air updates for off-highway machinery

60 min

Are you an engine manufacturer? Or a manufacturer of construction, agricultural, maritime, or other off-highway machinery and equipment? Your customers need to know that these assets are ready to roll when and as required.

Updates over the air (OTA) – e.g., for rolling out new software or firmware packages – can help reduce downtime and maintenance efforts. What’s more, they can also optimize the performance of industrial assets in the field.

But what is the impact on your current business? What challenges do you have to consider? And finally, what role will OTA play in the coming years?

To answer those and further questions, over-the-air update specialists join our expert panel. Register now to benefit from their experience and to address your questions!

What you will learn

  • Why did OTA become such a relevant topic?
  • What impact does an OTA solution have on your business?
  • Which possible challenges do you need to consider when rolling out updates over-the-air?
  • What will you have to take into account for implementation?
  • What role will OTA play in the coming years?

60 min

Expert panel: Over-the-air updates for off-highway machinery

Meet our speakers

Dan Bieler

Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

At Forrester Research, Dan serves CIOs and strategy leaders by guiding them through the challenges of business transformation. Dan helps define strategies that deliver business benefits from new digital business models and drive sustainable innovation. Dan’s particular focus is on the employee experience, the future of work, innovation, cultural transformation, and the subscription business model. Dan is also an expert in the key technologies underpinning digital platforms, such as the internet of things (IoT), mobile technologies, and social collaboration technologies. Dan guides CIOs and their teams to unlock the opportunities of emerging technologies.

François-Frédéric Ozog

Director Edge & Fog Computing Group, Linaro

François-Frédéric is an entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in technical, sales and marketing positions. He is director of Linaro edge & fog computing group which focuses on advancing technologies and standards in the Arm processors industrial ecosystem.

Christian Grabe

Business Owner Connected Off-Highway Machines, Bosch Rexroth

Christian Grabe has more than 15 years’ experience in off-road machinery systems & embedded software development. At Bosch Rexroth, he is elaborating new business concepts and digital products in the field of connected off-highway machines.

Kai Hackbarth

Business Owner Industrial IoT, Bosch

Kai Hackbarth is Business Owner Industrial IoT at Bosch. He has more than 20 years’ experience as an Evangelist & Product Manager with focus on IoT middleware and device management in various IoT domains. Kai is among the “Top 100 IIoT Influencers” according to a recently published report by Onalytica.

Dierk Niemeyer

Moderator of the expert panel & digital strategist, Bosch

Dierk Niemeyer is a digital strategist at Bosch advising industrial customers on IoT projects: from initial use case definition to innovative business models. His previous roles include positions in project management and digital business development in various industrial companies.