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Software updates over the air

Addressing security issues and adding new functionalities to devices in an efficient and convenient way.

Software updates: keeping pace with a rapidly evolving IoT

The IoT is a very dynamic environment. Steady improvements to what you offer is therefore key. This makes software and firmware updates a crucial consideration. On the one hand, they enable companies to address security issues; on the other hand, they offer a means of providing customers with new functionalities. While software and firmware updates play an important role in today’s IoT landscape, they also involve a number of challenges:

  • The difficulty of keeping track of devices and assets distributed around the world.
  • Companies have to keep track of different device and asset configurations.
  • Security breaches or software bugs require companies to react quickly and efficiently.
  • Manually providing software updates on-site is time-consuming and not customer-friendly.
  • Updates have to be installed in a secure and reliable manner.

5 things to consider for your SOTA project

What you get:

  • Insights into the operational and technical requirements for software-/firmware updates over the air
  • Assessment of how Bosch helps you & your software rollout initiative

What you give:

  • 5 minutes of reflection on resources, starting points and targets for your SOTA use case

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How companies benefit from software updates over the air

With thousands or even millions of distributed devices, it is no longer feasible to install updates manually. Companies can overcome this challenge by securely providing software or firmware updates over the air (SOTA/FOTA). This means that updates are rolled out and received remotely over the internet. This approach comes with various benefits:

Convenient update process for the customer

The update process becomes simpler and more convenient because customers are no longer required to take a device back to the vendor or to a support workshop.

Addressing security issues quickly

SOTA enables companies to roll out security patches quickly without having to send out service technicians or require customers to visit a workshop.

Addressing the changing needs of a customer

With SOTA, new functionalities can be added to existing products or solutions, giving customers the freedom to use the value-added features they need.

Extending a product’s life cycle

Adding new functionalities via SOTA means that companies don’t have to rework or exchange the entire product – its life cycle is thereby extended.

Generating new revenue streams

By monetizing the new features added via over-the-air updates, companies can create new revenue streams.

Efficient management of software rollouts

Developers can manage software rollout campaigns more efficiently – updates can be delivered around the globe.

Scheduling of software rollouts

Thanks to SOTA, updates can be scheduled for a convenient time, thereby ensuring the update process doesn’t interfere with operations.

On-demand session

Demo: how to update software for industrial assets over the air

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Expert panel

Over-the-air updates for off-highway machinery

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How to roll out software updates to millions of devices

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Our solution: rolling out software updates over the air

SOTA simplifies the process for the end user, but it is a complex process from the manufacturer’s perspective: artifacts need to be made available as a download, and software updates must be assigned to eligible devices. When dealing with a large number of devices, it takes carefully managed campaigns to orchestrate the associated rollouts. Progress of the software update process must also be monitored from the start. And, all the while, a watchful eye must be kept on security and reliability requirements.

The Bosch IoT Suite provides all the functionality needed to reliably provision and update software on IoT gateways and devices. It enables you to manage software modules and components as well as artifacts for complex, large-scale scenarios, including rollout campaigns.

Manage and control software and firmware updates for IoT devices. Separate cloud service for directly connected things.