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Expert insights

Over-the-air updates: Choosing the right IoT devices matters

5 min (2 pages)

More and more companies are recognizing over-the-air updates (OTA) as a key element to ensure the future viability of their IoT solutions. Both in mobile applications and in industrial environments, manufacturers are realizing that they can use software updates to add functions to their diverse assets, thus addressing the changing needs of their customers.

But how do manufacturers of industrial assets lay the groundwork to realize the full potential of software updates in the future? Learn from our experts why selecting the right IoT hardware is key and how this decision influences a targeted approach to OTA.

You will learn

  • The difference between microprocessor-based and microcontroller-based devices
  • What this distinction means in practice, by looking at a machine’s control units
  • How device selection relates to OTA and affects the flexibility of an IoT solution
  • How Bosch supports you in your specific OTA use case

Gain insights from our experts