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Expert insights

Over-the-air updates: Key considerations to ensure a secure update process

7 min (4 pages)

More and more manufacturers understand software updates not only as means to mend software issues, but also see the potential for adding new features to their products and implementing new business models. While providing software updates over the air (SOTA) makes the whole process more convenient and efficient, it is also a rather complex undertaking from the manufacturer’s perspective. There are many steps to consider such as assigning updates to eligible devices, carefully managing large-scale software rollouts, and continuously monitoring update processes.

Above all stands a topic of particular importance: security. How do companies ensure a secure software rollout from start to finish? Our experts provide you with insights into this topic and the key aspects to keep an eye on.

You will learn

  • How to ensure the security of software artifacts during their entire life cycle
  • What you have to pay attention to when it comes to communication between the devices and the SOTA backend
  • Why access control is a key consideration for any software update system
  • How Bosch supports you in finding the right security approach that fits the needs of your IoT use case

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