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IoT data management

Handling and processing large volumes of IoT data efficiently

IoT data management: staying on top of huge amounts of data

Leveraging insights from IoT data enables companies to develop better products and customized solutions. Yet a huge reservoir of information in IoT data still goes largely untapped. This is not surprising. After all, staying on top of IoT data in its various forms can prove a challenge:

  • To meet the ever-growing demands of customers, equipment is becoming increasingly complex. This also means that data is being generated by a wide variety of sources.
  • Many IoT deployments generate huge amounts of data, which has to be managed in an efficient way.

Use case overview

  • With equipment becoming increasingly complex, it is difficult for companies to stay on top of their data.
  • A robust data management solution makes it easier for companies to work with IoT data and form conclusions on this basis.
  • Gaining insights from IoT data enables companies to develop better products and customized solutions.

How companies benefit from IoT data management

Having a sophisticated data management solution makes it easier for companies to work with large volumes of data and to form conclusions on this basis. This yields a number of benefits:

Understanding customers’ needs

By exploring IoT data from the field, companies gain a better idea of how customers are using their products in practice. Based on these insights, companies can optimize their products accordingly.

Predicting asset wear

IoT data is essential for understanding projected wear-and-tear of assets and planning for maintenance and repairs.

Enabling resource efficiency

Companies no longer have to rely on instinct or assumptions. By leveraging IoT data, they can make more-educated decisions and cut down on the inefficient use of time, space, or energy – thereby ultimately saving money.

Creating effective systems

Complex IoT solutions consist of many individual devices. When working as a system, these can behave in unexpected ways. By transmitting, storing, and managing IoT data, companies can identify problems early on and validate the performance of the overall system.

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Our solution: an easy and secure way to manage IoT device data

Data is the lifeblood of a successful business. Every IoT device collects valuable data right from the beginning of its life cycle. Whatever your purpose: accessibility and timing will decide about the benefits you gain from your devices’ data. It must be assembled and stored at the right time, in the right place, in the right format and depth. With Bosch IoT Suite, there is no end to what you can do and optimize with your data.

The easy way to manage your IoT device data

IoT data management white paper

We provide you with 12 tips for successful IoT data management.

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