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Console of Bosch IoT Suite – service update with new UI features and further improvements

Our latest service release for Bosch IoT Device Management comes with various changes and we proudly announce a beta test phase for these new parts:

Bosch IoT Device Management – beta UI features available

Parts of the new user interface for Bosch IoT Device Management are available as a beta version.

The UI features are available for everyone, however, they are not visible by default on the left navigation. If you want to use them, click Services and features, search for Beta, then click the star icon to pin each feature to the left menu bar. Drag & drop the items in the left bar to arrange them in the order that best suited to your workflow.

Bosch IoT Suite Console - beta features

The following UI features will substitute for the corresponding UI features from the Bosch IoT Manager dashboard:

  • Devices (Beta):
    • Organize your device sets in directories, with tags and filters
    • Filter, search, sort and configure the device list to gain an overview, and navigate to your devices
    • View and manage the device details, and use actions to assign directories and tags
  • Tasks (Beta):
    • Launch new management tasks in a task wizard
    • Gain an overview about your tasks in the list, filter and configure the list, and read the task details
  • Rules (Beta):
    • Create new rules with the rules wizard
    • Manage your rules in the rule list
    • View and edit triggers and actions in the rule details
  • Execution (Beta)
    • The UI feature Executions (Beta) is under construction and will be provided soon

Beta UI features – feedback welcome

We highly appreciate your feedback, and would be happy to learn more about your expectations.

Would you like to participate in our beat test for the new Bosch IoT Device Management UI? You don’t have to register as the survey tool we use guarantees maximum privacy. Use the link Mentimeter survey. This link is also available in the top toolbar, to make it easy for you to report just when you stumble upon something.

  • Click the envelope icon in the header.
  • The survey tool will open in a new browser tab.
    • Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you miss.
    • Submit your feedback.

Bosch IoT Suite Console - beta feedback

You can give feedback multiple times. After you clicked the Submit button, you can either enter a second feedback or finish the questionnaire by clicking the Next question button.

Internally, we maintain a list of known issues. The currently known issues are listed below:

  • Maximizing and restoring a blade on the right side leads to focusing the very first blade on the left side.
  • Sorting of tasks and rules doesn’t work.
  • Virtual Demo Device doesn’t acknowledge messages (e.g. “setColor” and “setText”), therefore tasks calling these operations via device.exec() don’t finish, because they would wait for a confirmation.
  • The total count of tasks, rules and devices displayed with the respective list, will consider only the loaded items, and will change during infinite scrolling.
  • The UI feature Executions (Beta) is under construction and will be provided soon.

More UI features will follow in the next months, which will also be included in the beta test. Later on, the old dashboards of Bosch IoT Things, Bosch IoT Manager, and Bosch IoT Rollouts will be substituted.

Device certificates support for auto registration and PSK

For devices authenticating via a certificate, Bosch IoT Hub and Bosch IoT Things will allow auto registration, so that devices which get online for the first time are automatically provisioned. See details at Register a device automatically.

With this release, the UI has been improved to allow configuring and enabling such automatic provisioning.

Bosch IoT Suite - certificate for autoprovisioning

Credentials now provide a Comment field for better identification. By default it contains the creation date. In addition, credentials of type pre-shared key (PSK) are now supported. Such a PSK is required when connecting a device via the CoAP adapter provided by Bosch IoT Hub.

Subscriptions switch improvement

The switch-subscription dialog has been improved. The subscriptions are now grouped by organization.

The organization of the current subscription is displayed in the subscription information. When switching the subscription, the available subscriptions are grouped by the organizations to which the user was added.

Further bug fixes and improvements

  • Live-update of thing features works correctly, also if features are removed.
  • Live-update of thing features continues working, also if thing details remain opened for a longer time (over 1 hour).
  • Toggle of “Switch in Virtual Demo Device” is reflected in thing features without delay.
  • The interactive product overview at the home page, the guided tour, and the console documentation were aligned with new simplified offering and the Bosch IoT Suite website.
  • The documentation header provides a link to the new knowledge center of the Bosch IoT Suite website.
  • Thing feature and attribute JSON editors use the available height, and apply word wrap for long lines.

At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.