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Bosch IoT Gateway Software 10.1: Things REST API, Azure IoT customization & more

The new release 10.1.0 of Bosch IoT Gateway Software follows on the heels of the major 10.0.0 release that featured a number of API optimizations and new capabilities. In the current release, we are building upon functionalities that expand the use of existing Bosch IoT Suite cloud APIs to the edge, and offer even more flexibility for managing data and devices.

Use the Bosch IoT Things REST API locally

The Bosch IoT Things service enables applications to manage digital twins of IoT device assets in a simple, convenient, robust, and secure way. Now, with the local Things REST API available as part of the Bosch IoT Gateway Software, you can manage digital twins of locally connected IoT devices even when you are not connected to the cloud.

Move applications from the cloud to the edge more quickly using the same existing API, and use consistent device representation regardless of whether you work through the cloud or locally on the gateway.

For more information, see Managing Bosch IoT Things.

Customize Azure IoT integration

The Azure IoT adapter was enhanced to operate in three different working modes, based on how data can be mapped, sent and represented in order to feed data to particular applications. In addition, you can customize the format of generated messages, including sending telemetry data in Azure Digital Twin in ADT v1 format. The available configurations are as follows:

  • Azure IoT Device Twin Adapter Configuration
  • Azure IoT Device Message Adapter Configuration
  • Azure IoT Message Adapter Configuration

For more information, see Azure IoT Adapter Working Modes.

Update ONVIF firmware

Now you can update ONVIF devices with the newest version of their operating software, or downgrade to the desired version. In addition, save time with ONVIF Cache for updating multiple cameras with the same firmware version, without the need to download multiple files.

For more information, see ONVIF Firmware Upgrade.

More enhancements

Other new capabilities in the 10.1.0 release include support for the latest version 6.7 of the EmberZNet Serial Protocol (EZSP) as part of the Zigbee module; The new History Web Console plug-in for managing history entries, such as adding, removing, querying and more; and support for Server Sent Events (SSE) to subscribe for event notifications sent from a server.

For full release notes, visit Bosch IoT Gateway Software online documentation.