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Bosch IoT Insights: Access Control Extension preparation and various improvements

Access Control Extension preparation

We took a big step in preparing the Access Control Extension feature. We achieved testing the credential migration mechanism (INS-1215), implementing the first two of three new authentication workflows (INS-1004 & INS-1006). In addition, we introduced a flag to prevent user management changes during the migration (INS-1009). All this preparation is not visible to customers and will be deployed all at once at some point in the future.

Quality topics

To ensure the high-quality standards of Bosch IoT Insights, we have fixed some security vulnerabilities. These are partially related to the spring migration we executed in the last sprint (INS-1159 & INS-1219). We also improved our existing workflow for monitoring new vulnerabilities (INS-1143) and are still preparing the migration of our OSS Scan Tool (INS-882).

Changed default role of project requester (INS-1150)

In the past, the person that booked a new project was automatically assigned the role “Project Manager”. We changed this to the role of “Project Admin”. This enables the project requester to execute delete operations. Please keep in mind that data deletion via the UI is only supported based on the input data. If you want to delete processed data, have a look at our API. Check out this overview of our current role concept.

The project migration from custom processors towards processing pipeline also continues; another big customer project has been migrated successfully.


  • INS-943: MDF Parser Step/Function should only be available if the decoder functionality is activated for that project
  • INS-1100: Mdf Decoder: Time Vector issue
  • INS-928: Deletion of processed-data is now again possible with “compound” Id’s over the UI
  • INS-1079: UI Filter Widget: The widget did not react to query params change event
  • INS-1214: UI Filter Widget Selection Parameter Value and Label mixed up
  • INS-1183: UI-Map Widget: Fixed handling of missing GPS Positions
  • INS-948: Processing Pipeline UI: Selected Artifact was not shown in some cases
  • INS-1137: Processing Pipeline Input data will no longer be processed – fixed error in pipeline log
  • INS-1165: Processing Pipeline Increase required role for downloading pipeline code artifacts
  • INS-1130: Master Data Client: Fixed Resource leak caused by erroneous alive-checker
  • INS-1151: Master Data Client: Master Data History is not tracked any more for standard Things configuration
  • INS-1155: Data Upload: Tab Separated File Format caused Null Pointer Exception
  • INS-1192: Billig: Device Count data aggregation is not working properly
  • INS-1214: Calendar action mail contains missing start and stop time again
  • INS-1214: Device Management UI: width when editing Thing Attributes in Devices has been corrected