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Bosch IoT Suite user interface: GA of device management UI features

Our latest service release for Bosch IoT Device Management comes with various changes and we proudly announce the end of the beta phase for the device management UIs.

Bosch IoT Suite – new UI features

Bosch IoT Device Management – new UI features for mass management

New UI features for Bosch IoT Device Management are now generally available: Devices, Tasks, Rules and Executions. They have been tested and improved in a Beta phase since November 2021 and are now available for everyone.

The new UI features are by default in the left navigation for new subscriptions. You can add them to the left navigation in your existing subscription by pinning them in “Services and features”.



  • This section can be used to manage the digital representations of your devices.
  • Search, sort and configure the device list to gain an overview, and navigate to your devices.
  • View and manage the device details, and use actions to assign directories and tags.
  • Organize devices:
    • Starting from the list of devices, you can click the filter icon to create or manage device sets and filters.
    • Using the new column, you can organize your device sets in directories, with tags and filters.
    • Active filter will be applied to the list of devices. In case of multiple filters, the AND logic will apply.


  • Launch new management tasks in a task wizard.
  • Gain an overview of your tasks in the task list.
  • Filter and configure the list, and read the task details.


  • Create new rules with the rules wizard.
  • Manage your rules in the rule list.
  • View and edit triggers and actions in the rule details.
  • A highlight is a new content assist in the action editor.


  • The list gives you an overview on how the tasks and/or rules have been executed on your devices.
  • This view also allows you to monitor in detail each execution on device level, as well as partial execution states.
  • Further, it allows you to switch to the corresponding task or rule which launched the execution.

The new UI features substitute for the former Bosch IoT Things and Bosch IoT Manager dashboards which are henceforth deprecated. The old UIs will still be available for a while, however, for new users, we highly recommend to use the new UIs for managing your fleet of devices. The corresponding UI features were renamed: Devices (Classic), Tasks (Classic), and Rules (Classic).

Administration UI features in Beta – feedback welcome

More UI features are in development and will follow in the next weeks, which will also be included in the Beta test. Search for “Beta” in “Services and features”, then you will find the new UI features. Try the new UI features and provide us your feedback by using the “Beta feedback” icon in the header. Thanks again for the feedback that we have got so far and could partially incorporate into the current version.

Subscriptions and organization UI improvements

All service subscriptions are grouped by the organizations they have been booked by.

Click the folder icon to the current subscription’s name to access details about the current subscription you are currently working on. There you also get access to Switch subscription.

The new view presents links to all subscriptions your Bosch ID user account was granted permissions for.
The various subscriptions are grouped by organization.
Select the subscription you want to continue with, and confirm with Switch.


In case you start with a click on the organization, you can also switch to others.
After the change, don’t forget to select one of the subscriptions, as there is no default subscription per organization.

Further improvements

With this major change we have also updated the guided tour for the UI, the Introduction to the Bosch IoT Suite Console video tutorial, as well as the getting started documentation.


On this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.

Further information

Visit our Bosch IoT Device Management documentation to learn more about the new features and improvements.