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Bosch IoT Things – new possibility to trigger de-provisioning and new connection log publishing

Our latest service release of the digital twin layer of Bosch IoT Device Management comes with various changes:

Trigger the de-provisioning with a live message

In some custom scenarios the Device Provisioning API can not be requested directly to delete a thing, its policy, device and device credentials.

However, you can achieve the same result with a live message subscribed fron a managed connection, which is authorized to request de-provisioning.

With the new service update, the Connections UI offers a new template for creating and configuring the connection.

Find a detailed description of all steps involved in such a procedure in our new how-to section: trigger de-provisioning via a live message.

Connection log publishing

Managed connections help you to integrate your custom applications with the digital twin service layer of Bosch IoT Device Management.

For development stages, you can activate logging via the Connections UI. However, this feature is only active for one hour.

For production scenarios, a continuous logging might be necessary, however, as of now we don’t provide self-service for subscriptions to establish such forwarding of logs.

Customers of standard plans with a silver or gold support plan who need to store their connections’ log files in a custom data store can contact us through the support channel to get such log file forwarding.

Find details in our FAQ section Configure log forwarding.

At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.