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Hybrid Cloud Identity and Access Management

120 Min

How to increase identity and access management for hybrid cloud environments? 

In our webinar “Hybrid Cloud Identity and Access Management”,  IT experts from Silent Water IT Consulting S.L. and Bosch explore the evolving IT landscape and the imperative need for change. In a world undergoing rapid digital transformation, challenges such as seamless SaaS integration, user permissions, and data security become more critical in a hybrid cloud environment.

Watch the on-demand video for insights gained from real-world cloud projects, as we discuss strategies for managing identities and access. Whether you’re navigating technology integration or enhancing security measures, let’s talk about what options we have in a hybrid cloud environment and how to connect dots to loose ends.


  • Welcome to the Webinar Hybrid Cloud Identity and Access Management
  • Identity and Access Management – Tasks during and after an IT-Application and Infrastructure Cloud Shift by Patrick Charbonnier
  • Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) by Rahul Kumar Shetty Attawar
  • Questions & Answers

120 min

Hybrid Cloud Identity and Access Management


Patrick Charbonnier

IT Consultant, Silent Water IT Consulting S.L.

Architectural and technical consulting of different on premises, hybrid and cloud IT solutions and approaches are the main tasks in my job.

Driven by the current transitioning of IT infrastructure into the Cloud, nearly every project therefore has a great amount of cloud considerations and involves a hybrid multi cloud approach.

My motivation of good training and consulting relies heavily on the honest opinion given to the customer. An important aspect of this is gaining specific knowledge from the customer and consulting in a way that solves the customer’s request by finding the optimal solution.

Rahul Kumar Shetty Attawar

Business Area Leader, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

I am a Business Area Leader at Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. I am responsible for developing and managing the Cloud, Digital Infra, Security, and Automation portfolio of RBEI, working closely with the Sales and Practices teams.

Marius Heinrich

Software and Digital Services Sales Manager, Bosch Global Software Technologies

As Sales Manager Europe at Bosch SDS, the exchange with our customers is the core area of ​​my daily work.

IT-Infrastructures as the strong backbone of all digitalization projects concern all decision-makers – one of the reasons why we at Bosch support customers in building their IT-Infrastructure of the future.

Key learnings

  1. Hybrid Cloud Identity Management: Explore the various options available for managing identities in a hybrid cloud environment. Understand the challenges and solutions associated with identity management in hybrid settings.
  2. Implementing SaaS Applications: Learn the essential questions to ask when implementing a new SaaS application. Understand the considerations and best practices to ensure seamless integration and security in a hybrid cloud setup.
  3. Permissions and Job Roles: Discover effective strategies for handling permissions based on job roles and accommodating changes in duties. Learn how to streamline authorization processes to align with organizational transitions.
  4. Password Removal with Security in Mind: Explore options for eliminating passwords while maintaining robust security measures. Understand the latest techniques and technologies that enhance security without relying on traditional password-based authentication methods.