This offer is only addressed to commercial customers including freelancers and entrepreneurs. All prices are exclusive of value added tax (VAT).
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Bosch IoT Suite: single services bundled in more comprehensive Bosch IoT Device Management

Last year, we launched Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management. In the meantime, the service is being used by customers worldwide and is constantly being enhanced with new features.

Now we are taking the next step, that brings you more simplicity to manage, update, control, and service your IoT devices along their lifecycle:

  • In order to join the ranks of the existing service names and to have a more effective name, “Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management” is now Bosch IoT Device Management
  • We have bundled features of the individual cloud services “Bosch IoT Hub”, “Bosch IoT Things”, “Bosch IoT Rollouts”, “Bosch IoT Manager”, and “Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication” into the more comprehensive Bosch IoT Device Management
  • Even though “Bosch IoT Hub”, “Bosch IoT Things”, and “Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication” will disappear from our website, paid subscribers can of course continue to use the service without any restrictions

However, we recommend to switch to Bosch IoT Device Management due to the more attractive pricing model and more functionalities.

Try out “Bosch IoT Device Management”

All functionalities for the above-mentioned products are now combined conveniently in our more comprehensive Bosch IoT Device Management. It further offers functionalities such as device connectivity and management, digital twin and mass management, as well as software updates. Bosch IoT Device Management can also be used together with Bosch IoT Edge Agent to create an even more powerful user experience.

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What can I do with Bosch IoT Device Management?

Here are just a few features:

  • Digital twin management: digital twins are virtual representations of real-world devices
  • Remote device diagnosis, configuration & maintenance: enables users to view the status of devices, to configure them, and to react in case of certain events
  • Remote access: for users and applications to gateways and devices
  • Mass management: powerful rule-based execution of mass management tasks
  • Software repository: manage software distribution and ship artifacts via a worldwide content delivery network
  • Single software updates and campaign management: easy definition of campaigns for large groups of devices

Free plan availability

Please note that we will convert all free plans (so far these were unlimited free plans) to 30 day trials for Bosch IoT Hub, Bosch IoT Things, and Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication products starting at September 15, 2021. Please contact us if you need your existing free subscription(s) for your project beyond the free trial period.

Visit the service page of Bosch IoT Device Management to learn more about all its features and benefits. If you have any questions, please contact our support.